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Insight Conference

Is a low cost, local creative community networking event, featuring speakers that lift up our mission to educate, inspire & transform. This year's conference is being held at +WeCreate Media on Friday, September 21th, doors open at 7 pm. Directions to +WeCreate Media.


  • 2018
    • Ish Muhammad

      Ish MuhammadGraffiti Artist

    • Julia Huisman

      Julia Perla HuismanEditor & Publisher of HERE magazine

    • Lori Jackson

      Lori JacksonArtist

    • Nathan Uno

      Nathan UnoBrand Strategist at Cultivate

    • Tony Sorci

      Tony SorciWriter for Sawdust

      Creating a community

    • Wade Breitzke

      Wade BreitzkeOwner / Managing Director at WeCreate Media

      Creative Process

  • 2017
    • Bridget Earnshaw

      Bridget EarnshawSouth Shore Arts Curator

      The Art of Working

      My career starting as a lighting designer for a community theater which led to a part-time carpenter for the Theater at the Center, then to being their master electrician and props designer to the full-time marketing director and then on to South Shore Arts. The common thread of not knowing what I was doing in any of these positions but gaining a wealth of knowledge in each job and using that in my daily life, personally and in the workplace.

    • Chris Casson

      Chris CassonPhotographer

      Your Biggest Barrier To Being Successful: Yourself

      While we typically like to place all blame on outside forces, in truth what ultimately determines whether we achieve success or not is our mindset. Learn a few quick tips on changing your negative mindset and outlook into a positive one.

    • Clayton Denton

      Clayton DentonActor

      The Duct Tape Life

      What it feels like to never have lived outside of the lines, to have never really tried, to have stayed within your box.

    • Eric Zosso

      Eric ZossoValpo Co-Working space - Owner

      Designing a New Form of Homeownership

      For many of us entering the working world, buying a home isn't the right choice because there are more student loans then ever before, stagnated wages, and people are likely to move to different places throughout there life. Renting works, but there seems to be growing inequality between renters and owners. And by renting there's a much higher increase in costs each year than owning. So what if there was an option to treat housing more like a co-operative, where the renters themselves receive a portion of equity not in the one property, but in a collection of different properties all owned by the cooperative.

    • Gregg Hertzlieb

      Gregg HertzliebCurator

      Sources of Inspiration

      Working in artistic media other than your primary art medium can open up whole worlds of ideas. My experiences taking digital camera pictures in the last ten years, coupled with my recent work in screen printing and relief printmaking, have given me exciting new subjects and points of view for my watercolor and ink drawings. I think experimentation in various media provides new ways of seeing that can be fruitful to explore.

    • Jay Weinberg

      Jay WeinbergArtist

      The Alchemy of Gratitude.

      I am a wizard of intentional synchronicity and gratitude is how I cast my spell.

    • Leslie Lambert-Mason

      Leslie Lambert-MasonMulti-disciplined Creative

      Keeping your Empire from crumbling

      Once you build an Empire of art businesses, how do you manage all of them? Leslie will talk about managing social media, keeping multiple art focuses in line, holding down a full time job AND how to manage keeping your family fed and clean while doing it all!

    • Sarah Opat

      Sarah OpatArtist

      Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

      How visions and ideas can transform into dreams.

    • Stephen Lehman

      Stephen LehmanPhotographer

      Our Creativity Is Deeply Rooted In Mystery

      As human beings we have the power to create, but the question is: Why do we create how we create? In five minutes, we will journey deep into the longings of the human spirit to discover why we create.

    • Steve Wilson

      Steve WilsonFinance

      Financial Perspective

      Control your money and don’t let it control you.

    • Vivi Lamb

      Vivi LambOwner

      Discover the Power of LinkedIN and how to leverage your connections!

    • Wade Breitzke

      Wade BreitzkeOwner

      Nice Ice Baby

      Using bad ideas to build incredible opportunities

  • 2016
    • Chris Guzman

      Chris Guzman

      Punching my Way Forward: When Hobbies Attack!!

      Learn how I have become known as “The Boxing Glove Artist”. A cool hobby that has fulfill my need to make unique items and have them autographed by Hollywood's elite and now a profitable business.

    • Diego Gonazlez

      Diego Gonazalez

      The Power of Ego and the Internet:

      How to game both to crush it

    • Dr. Gina Bartucci

      Dr. Gina Bartucci

      Starting Down a Mindful Path

      Learn what mindfulness is, how it can positively impact our experiences, and do a brief minute meditation.

    • Jenah Pfeiffer

      Jenah Pfeiffer

      The Vulnerable Creative: Exposed

      At times the creative path can be a lonely one. And while we strive for originality and ingenuity in our creative fields, along the way, we meet up with isolation and vulnerability. Learn how to deal with the overwhelm in expository creativity and how inspiration can be the key motivator in the creative process.

    • Katelynn Jansma

      Katelynn Jansma

      Hold the Vision, Trust the Journey

    • Katie White

      Kristine White

      I am Adaptive:

      Overcoming and Changing the Perspective of Disability

    • Mark Anderson

      Mark Anderson

      Breaking the Mold

      I plan on discussing an approach to design solutions and image building by breaking away from formulaic design approaches in order to achieve an effective impact that stands out to an intended audience.

    • Melissa Washburn

      Melissa Washburn

      The Secret of My (Kickstarter) Success

      How to research, plan, and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign to make YOUR creative project happen.

    • Phil Krygsheld

      Phil Krygsheld

      All in

      Dealing with ourselves allows us to bet on ourselves and that’s a win for everyone.

    • Phillip Herrold

      Phillip Herrold

      Ordinary vs. successful

      The truth is, any successful artwork, design, or individual is an attainable feat. They are not created perfect or born miracles, but what’s makes them stand out...

    • Shawn Stuckey

      Shawn Stuckey

      Herbie is on to somethin'

      This alludes to a Herb Brooks quote. “You don't have enough talent to win on talent alone.” It sounds all dramatic and finger pointy, but I'd like to talk the importance of emotional intelligence.

    • Tyler Lennox Bush

      Tyler Lennox Bush

      Talk = Sandboxing:

      The Importance Cooperative Capital in a Mediated World

    • Vinnie Adams

      Vinnie Adams

      Art & Autism

      From personal stories to viral phenomenons, we'll look at the what, why, and how of art being uniquely expressed through people with autism.

  • 2015
    • Angie Drach

      Angie Drach

      10 Dos & Don'ts for Creatives on the Hunt

      With experience recruiting and interviewing over 100 people in her career, Angie will cover some down and dirty tips to land that job you have been after.

    • Chris Mahlmann

      Chris Mahlmann

      Making a Digital Impact with Design

      Chris's presentation will be based around the lessons he has learned about how small businesses and individuals can communicate their mission and talents effectively online and via social media in a way that allows their creativity to flow and be apparent to all. He wants to help designers and those in the graphic and visual arts best understand how to utilize online and social media tools to gain a very high impact return on the time put into each outlet. Chris's very straight to the point, high energy strategies work well for him and he is excited to share them with others.

    • Eric Verbich

      Eric Verbich

      File Preparation for Large Format Printing

      Eric will cover the in’s and out’s of sending your file to print on large format output.

    • Joe Dascenzo

      Joe Dascenzo

      So You Think You Can Fly?

      What do you do when you hit a creative wall? We all want to break through the wall and create things that inspire people—so what are the critical decision points in the creative process that lead to true innovation?

    • Julia Huisman

      Julia Huisman

      Don't Settle for Status Quo

      Northwest Indiana is known for its blue collar industry but it also thrives with creativity and artistry! There is so much talent here waiting to be discovered. I’ll share how to find such talent locally, how to build and nurture a creative team, and the importance of telling the stories of NWI’s creatives.

    • Liz Mares

      Liz Mares

      It's Okay To Be A Quiet Artist

      In this fast paced world of social media and the constant extroverted urgency to "Get out there and mingle! Push Push Push!" The quieter people tend to get lost in the noise. Learn how to use your quiet nature to be seen and gain recognition with a softer approach.

    • Matt Fiocca

      Matt Fiocca

      Design for Development

      There may come a time in your life when that well researched, beautifully crafted website design will be sent off to someone else for development. In this short talk, I will illustrate 5 ways that will help make that hand-off become a creative and technical success.

    • Michelle Nikitaras

      Michelle Nikitaras

      What does a wedding planner do anyway? From Vision to reality.

      How we accidentally drove ourselves into the creative industry, and why our clients love us for it.

    • Mylinda Cane

      Mylinda Cane

      Life Lessons Learned Through Photography

      How Creativity Shaped and Saved Me

    • Natalie Leaman

      Natalie Leaman

      The NavAids in designing for Engineers

      Curious about the challenges presented when working as a designer in an engineering environment?  Find out how I navigated my way around the aviation industry by  plugging into the world of Geographic Information Systems and AutoCAD.

    • Rahsaan Taylor

      Rahsaan Taylor

      The Worst Best Advice

      Life is all about learning the rules and then learning how to break those rules. In 5 short minutes I'll try to supply you with the tools to trick yourself to happiness by looking at the things that we have been told not to do.

    • Wayne Osenkarski

      Wayne Osenkarski

      Taking Your Shots

      You've got to take some risks. You have nothing to lose except the chance to win.

    • WoodenJacket


      Justin & Evvie Tillich: The Little Things

      People often ignore their small, or what they may see as insignificant talents. With the society of "more" we live in, most people miss them all together. It has been ever present in our lives to hold tight to these "little things" and to nurture them, because there in lies the magic.

  • 2014
    • Amy Schwartz

      Amy Schwartz

      Collaboration in Practice

      How working collaboratively and across disciplines leads to personal breakthroughs.

    • Charlie Roberts

      Charlie Roberts

      Who knows you

      It's not always who you know that matters, it's more about who knows you. Listen to how relationships and image can make a difference in your career.

    • Chase Talon

      Chase Talon

      Hand Drawn Typography Goodness

      Sketching type has always been a passion of mine. From pencil to paint, food and hair, I would like to share with you the who's what’s and why’s I have recently devoted my free time to mastering this beautifully inspiring scrumtrulescentness of a craft.

    • Corrie Vos

      Corrie Vos

      Sleeping with a Designer

      Design affects where we shop, the products we buy, the restaurants we eat at, how we decorate our house, from the biggest to the smallest of details. While it can easily become overwhelmingly irritating at times, we're working on how to laugh at each other in the tension and how to find places to restore both his need for creativity and my need to have a voice in the design of our life.

    • Jamie Wayne

      Jamie Wayne

      How to Design a Logo in 5 Steps

      Learn the basics of logo design ranging from research, to mind-mapping, sketching, narrowing and rendering in a 5 minute, 5 step presentation.

    • Jane Cooperman

      Jane Cooperman

      Persistence and Patience

      The talk will focus on taking a large public art project from a conception to reality.

    • Melissa Washburn

      Melissa Washburn

      I Don't Know What I'm Doing: Confidence & the Female Creative

      A number of articles and books have come out recently on the differences between men and women when it comes to confidence, taking on new challenges in the workplace, and how we cope with both successes and failures in our work. In this talk I will reflect upon my own experience with "Impostor Syndrome" and talk about some strategies that we can use to build confidence, balance confidence with competence, and start taking the kinds of risks that can result in great work and great careers.

    • Michael Roller

      Michael Roller

      Making your Bones

      Optimizing Entry-level Opportunities

    • Nichole Baiel

      Nichole Baiel

      Let's Talk Mental Illness

      Because by talking, we can erase the stigma. This is story about how friends, strangers, and the tech community helped save my life.

    • Phil Krygsheld

      Phil Krygsheld

      I'll Drink to That

      Why and how you do what you do matters just as much as what you do to me and other consumers.

    • Ron Delhaye

      Ron Delhaye

      You’'re Awesome! (But your art sucks) Take it Personally.

      Art is interpretive - some will love it, and others will hate it. Learn how the attention has shifted from the art to the artist, and why having a great personality is imperative. Creative talents aren't enough to speak for you, it's how people perceive you as a person and as a brand.

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