I worked at Taco Bell for 6 years.

I loved that job. Not to brag, but I was awesome at it.

I was clean. I was fast. And I was friendly. 

I was comfortable. 

Even though I was good at my job, I knew I wasn’t made for the taco life.

I do love tacos…but I loved creating things more.

Drawing, painting, sculpting, videos, graphic design, these are the things I love. 

I decided to go to school for these things so I could get a job that I loved. 

And I did. 

Time rolled on and life kept happening. I got married. I bought a house. I got a dog. I had kids…

Over time, my passion for creating wasn’t enough to fund the life I created for myself. 

Maybe I was supposed to live the taco life instead of the American dream?

My bank account was bleeding out and I called a financial advisor for help.

I’ll never forget his advice:

“Spend less and make more. You’re creative, you’ll figure it out”. 

A simple equation with a complicated solution. 

So, I got creative and I did eventually figure some things out. 

Not just about finances but about health, life balance, priorities, and faith to name a few. 

I also figured out that I wasn’t alone.

This years INsight Conference is based around the theme “The Business of Creativity”.

Join us as we hear from 4 amazing people who have been through it, and are willing to divulge their wisdom on us. We’ll also have an open panel discussion to answer any questions you might have. Our hope is that you come and be educated, inspired and transformed. You’ll also meet a lot of amazingly talented people. 

Friday,  October 11 from 7-9:30p at On The Square Sports Academy (105 N. Court Street, Crown Point, IN 46307) with after party to follow. 

Don’t forget to register below.